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Rebranding back to NerdHouse

When I started the company we spelt NerdHouse exactly like how you see it here. There came a point where I wanted to keep the logo and design similar and decided to create a box logo which was inspired from Barbara Krueger. In the end, the NerdHouse name with the capital N and H looked funny to me. I ended up leaving the H lowercase.

As time went on I continued to see the name and get a little irked by the way the H wasn’t capitalized. Sometime within the past two months I decided to go back to our roots and capitalize the H on our company name. Hoping this sticks and no more changes.

Advanced Data Recovery now done on island, in shop

We are happy to announce we have acquired data recovery hardware that allows us to keep more data recovery jobs in-shop vs. sending them out to our partner on the mainland.

We are ready to provide advanced data recovery services to the state of Hawaii. We are able to recover data from most drives including drives that are clicking.

Our prices start out at $300.00 per drive for most in-shop jobs.

Call us if you have any questions, 808-952-6373. Thank you!

Microsoft and Adobe release slew of updates (for your protection)

Per the good man over at, Microsoft and Adobe has released a whole bunch of updates.  We highly suggest doing all of your Windows updates and any Adobe update as well as any Java update that your computer may prompt you with.  We know how annoying it can be but we also know how much it can save your computer from viruses and the bad guys!

Windows updates can be done from the start menu and with all Adobe updates you can get it direct from their website, (beware of the embedded Google Chrome or Ask Toolbar when you install Adobe Reader)

If you’re unable to do your updates give us a call, we charge a nominal fee to perform the updates for you, $50+tax and we do it remotely.  Depending on how much Windows updates there are it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours.

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