iPhone users update to iOS7 for its new security feature

To all of our clients, friends, family, if you have an iPhone 4 and above, it is recommended to upgrade to iOS7.  One of the greatest improvements comes from its security stand point.  Lost or stolen iPhones pop up in the black market all the time.  Remove a SIM card, pop in your own and you’re often good to go.  It also fetches a decent amount of money in the grey market as well.

iOS7 introduces activation lock.  Upon wiping/locking a phone via icloud.com Find My iPhone – anyone who either steals or finds your phone will require a) to login with your iCloud information.

We haven’t seen a lot of blatant iPhone thefts in the islands but we’ve seen stolen iPhones on the grey market or listed at various online market places.  Check out the official Apple website on iCloud: Find My iPhone for more info.