Microsoft October 18 release date for Windows 8.1

According to this TheVarGuy article, Microsoft has announced October 18th as the official release date for Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1 is Microsoft’s answer to the numerous complaints they’ve received regarding the start button being removed in Windows 8 along with the ability to boot directly to the desktop as opposed to the start screen.

We’ve tried the preview that was released a few months ago and we have had nothing but problems.  We will definitely give the final release a trial run before making our recommendations to our clients.  Our current recommendation is to hold tight, there are multiple problems and incompatibilities with Windows 8.1 and many third party programs.

Microsoft plans to release this new version of Windows free of charge.  This is not a service pack or an “update” but rather an entirely new operating system.  The updated operating system will be available via Microsoft’s App Store.

Currently we are still recommending our clients to continue to use either Windows 7 or 8.  Windows 8, once you get used to utilizing the windows key on your keyboard, is great.  We’ve been using it at the office and at home for the past 4 months with NO problems.  We love it actually.

Google Apps email – default 30GB alloted to entire Google Apps account

What does this mean for you Google Apps users?  This means if you were at the 25GB limit for email storage you now have 30GB by default (this is being rolled out as I type so it may be awhile before you see the changes occur).  Also you can now purchase up to 16TB of additional storage for a nominal fee but if you need 16TB of email storage you will now be able to get it!.  This is great news, I know for many attorneys, having access to their email going back years is vital to their practice.

New Java update, Java 7 Update 21

Per Mr. Krebs Security there is a new Java update.  If you see the notification down below near the time, please update your system.  This protects you from drive by downloads meaning if you browse even a legitimate website such as, Yahoo! News etc. you can still be hit if their site is compromised with hacked ads or some other exploit.

As always if you are having problems installing it, we’re available for help remotely or in shop.


Oracle and Adobe both release critical updates to their software; make sure you patch!

Yes, Oracle has released yet another update to their Java software.  Java SE 7 Update 15 has now been released.  Same scenario as the last time, visit, download the latest versions, SKIP the toolbar or any other included software they want you to install.

Adobe released updates for Adobe Reader 11.0.2 and for Reader X, 10.1.6.  For these two, visit, click on download, and choose Adobe Reader.  These guys also bundle random software so skip those if you can.  The software they try to include is not malicious but it is annoying.

If you need help, as always, call us at 808-952-6373, we provide remote support to help you without leaving your home or office, $75/hour, this will take less than an hour to perform.

Thank you!

Apple released iOS 6.1.1 today

“This update fixes an issue that could impact cellular performance and reliability for iPhone 4S.”

That was the main information posted on the Apple support website for iOS 6.1.1.

Apparently it does not compromise the latest Jailbreak for iOS6 devices, evasi0n.

February 2013 Java update: fixes 50 security issues

Browsing Krebs On Security and found that Oracle has released a Java update which patches 50 flaws and fixes one in particular that was being actively exploited.  Again like our last recommendation, visit the Java website, and go through with the installation.

We also offer remote support, if you need assistance with this we are offering a flat rate of $55.00+tax to help you remotely, install the Java update, Flash update and any other outdated pieces of software you may have to keep you safe.  Call us at 808-952-6373 or e-mail us via our contact page.

Oracle releases Java update Java 7 update 11 ***MUST DOWNLOAD***

This is a critical update that patches a 0day flaw that could be utilized by malicious hackers to gain remote access to your computer.  You can be exploited simply by visiting a webpage such as the StarAdvertiser, Yahoo News, etc.  By installing this update you are preventing hackers from gaining access to your computer!  It’s vital and important.  Please visit and click on the “Free Java Download.”  Follow the instructions, if you get stuck, give us a holler, 808-952-6373.

PS Please read through each screen as you are installing the update; there will be a section that asks you if you’d like to install the Ask toolbar, please UNCHECK this.  This is not malicious in nature but it is unnecessary.